Redesigning logo and visual identity for an engineering & manufacturing company

2JCP is a 30 year engineering and manufacturing company that produces large-scale heavy-duty components for power plants and heavy machinery. With its headquarters and production facilities in Czech Republic, and offices in the UK and USA, it provides components for such well-known global brands as Mitsubishi Power, Siemens Energy, Meva Energy.

I was hired by Circle Line to design a new logo and visual identity for 2JCP that reflects company's commitment to renewable energy. In addition to that visual identity had to convey innovative nature of the company, with the heavy manufacturing feel, and expert engineering know-how. The main inspiration for the logo became Dyson Sphere, a hypothetical megastructure that encompasses a star and harvests its power. 2JCP's acquisition of PBS Industry, an older Czech manufacturer with more than 100 year history, is also reflected in the new logo with green and blue colour scheme.

2JCP logo