Designing identity for a telecom company

I was hired by Contagious to help rebrand a major telecommunication company on the Czech market formerly known as Dial Telecom. This company owns and provides data networks to businesses and professional organisations. In the process of rebranding company name has changed to Quantcom. My task was to design new logo and visual identity for this new brand.

Quantcom logo

Mockup of a van with Quantcom branding

Mockup of Quantcom annual report cover

Mockup of Quantcom advertisement

Mockup of Quantcom business card

Quantcom icons

Quantcom icons is use

Quantcom map and charts

Quantcom branding guidelines, logo variants

Quantcom branding guidelines, color definitions

Quantcom branding guidelines, typography

Mockup of hardhat with Quantcom logo

Mockup of a white flag with Quantcom logo

Mockup of a blue flag with Quantcom logo