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Designing logo & visual identity for a tech hub

TechTower is a unique space for inventors, tech enthusiasts, developers and novice entrepreneurs. It provides flexible office spaces, co-working space, workshops and labs, and even a deep water tank for testing submersible robots. Apart from that it has a bistro and a cafe with a roof terrace. Being reconstructed from a former beer brewery in Pilsen, and supported by the city, it is meant to become a unique tech incubator in the region.

I was hired by a branding agency Circle Line to design visual identity, website, and promo campaign for this project. The visual identity is based on the ideas of collaboration, experiments, and building something together. The theme of a tower is used throughout the identity.

TechTower logo

TechTower business card mockup

TechTower letterhead mockup

TechTower poster mockup

TechTower poster mockup

TechTower tram campaign mockup

TechTower tenant directory

TechTower tower mockup

TechTower notepad mockup

TechTower tattoo mockup

TechTower bike sign mockup

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TechTower branding guidelines, shapes

TechTower branding guidelines, logo variants

TechTower branding guidelines, color definitions, RGB, CMYK, Pantone, RAL

TechTower branding guidelines, typography

TechTower website design